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working with men who have Alzheimer’s & dementia

We are writing a book that will describe in detail how to successfully work with men who have Alzheimer’s and dementia. We understand that men and women often enjoy many of the same things, but we also know, from our work in long term care facilities and adult day centers, that there is a not enough emphasis placed on work that would benefit men specifically.

We have created exercises that are built around themes such as fishing, farming, baseball, trains. Within these themes, we provide many different hands on activities and games

polishing vintage hub caps

polishing vintage hub caps

that can be used by family and professional caregivers.

In our book, each exercise is laid out step by step with suggestions for building on the exercise. We also explain why these exercises are helpful for men who have dementia and Alzheimer’s, and how they can build new pathways to reach people who may seem unreachable.

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